Morocco: Marrakesh


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"In Marrakesh souks, my friend, nothing has fixed price"

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We arrived to Marrakesh late at night on Friday. It’s never a good time to get to a new city but we were lucky because they picked us up at the airport and took us to our Riad in the old Medina.
They dropped us at Djema – El Fna square and we had to cross the big crowd and get through the narrow and dark streets of the souqs until we found the Riad.

The first impression was really shocking: locals were trying to sell stuff, they were pointing us on the wrong directions and the streets were full of garbage and cats wandering around, all a bit scary.

The next morning we woke up after a long sleep and we had a nice breakfast. We were ready to start the sight visit. We got out there and to be honest the first 2-3 hours were quite stressful. We were getting lost every 5 minutes, we couldn’t find anything and every time we stopped to look at the map 10 locals were surrounding us trying to sell us staff. It was my first time in Morocco in a long time so I wasn’t used to so much hassle. After travelling around Asia for so long I was used to their calm and kindness and the pushy attitude of the Moroccans was too much for me. I believe that the government needs start a campaign to teach and show locals how to deal with tourists because it will affect tourism if they keep it this way.

I had to spend 3-4 hours in the Medina to settle down and start enjoying the city. My recommendations would be to get lost around the souqs, visit the main sights and enjoy the local gastronomy. Marrakesh is a great city to visit but you need the right attitude to face the street life and the berber negotiations.

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