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"Hecho en Socialismo"

que pasada de trip! Y las fotos son buenisimas!

Introducido por Pere el 29/09/2013

Amazing trip and excellent photos!

Introducido por joanrocab el 30/09/2013

Con ganas de venezuela, pero falta mas experiencia viajera, gracias por compartir. : )

Introducido por Tutranqui el 07/11/2013

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Venezuela is a country full of contrasts. Beautiful nature, beautiful people, but on the other hand you're afraid to go out in the cities, because of the crazy system they're living in... You can see a huuuuge palaces of the people in power and carton-made houses of the poor ones. They have to feed their families, so they steal... so they kill... But you shouldn't be afraid of going out, visiting. I never felt threatened over there. Everywhere, you would find people who will warn you about the danger. Of course, you should not provocate anyone, walking with an expensive camera, or expanding your money, but don't be paranoid! If you're there, enjoy it! I've met a lot of nice people there. Venezuelans are very kind, open-minded and caring people! When you're out the city, on Caribbean beach (eating "arepas" or "cachapas", drinking "papelon con limon") or in Canaima (surrounded by Tepui), on the boat which is taking you to see the biggest waterfall in the Earth, you start to feel free and happy! You start to breath and enjoy it! You start to think to come back soon. I definitely will return to Venezuela!

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Viaje introducido por loozik el 27/09/2013

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